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Visa Services and Immigration Law

ANYVISA is a professional, independent and highly experienced Immigration Law Practice that helps people with the complicated Canadian Immigration Law issues, Travel Visa application procedures, Visa Support, and Document Legalization. Our committed Experts promptly assist and advise clients on any and all visa requirements for travelling abroad and immigrating to Canada.

First and foremost, unlike any other providers, we offer uniquely personalized “all-inclusive” services covering all types of Consular Services Support and a full range of Canadian Immigration Programs.

ANYVISA is here to help you with your visa application process in the most affordable way, so you can feel confident, relax and enjoy your business or leisure travel planning!

Application Process

Inquire or apply online
Receive quote and requirements
Pay and submit documents
Receive passport and visa
  • Ian Driscall

    Zalina at AnyVisa really impressed me! She picked up a complex Visa requirement with a short time-frame that needed urgent processing in the US since the country has no embassy here. She immediately got on the phone to the Embassy and made things happen! Very focused and very organized! Got my visa in a week despite two business days being holidays!

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  • C Cooper

    I could not recommend this company enough. They were recommended by a friend who spoke highly of Alex and his team. What can I say, he was 100% correct. Other lawyers can grossly overcharge and even then not give you that service you desire when hiring someone for one of the most important processes of your life. Alex and his team were outstanding with their service, their price and knowledge. They get the job done and they give that 'family-run style' customer service. What more do you want?

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  • Daria Kuznetsova

    In my experience the service was very efficient and professional. I have visited the anyvisa office once. Xenia, the specialist I was in contact with took care of everything and processed my documentation very quickly ,it exceeded my expectations.

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  • Emile

    It’s been a fantastic 14-month journey towards a successful result. Anyvisa took our hands and got us through all the odds of the immigration processes with an absolute professionalism and dedication, being focused on details and tirelessly explaining every step from day one, all without giving false promises or letting you cherish unreasonable hopes. One of those quite uncommon experiences nowadays. Thank you, Alex. Thank you, Anastasia.

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  • Wilson Lin

    Worked with Marina on getting our Russian Tourist Visas for our upcoming trip! She was great with informing us with everything we need to know and do and helped get us our visas so fast. I highly recommend working with AnyVisa. They are super professional and friendly.

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  • Happy customer

    I have enjoyed my experience working with anyvisa. I have used their services a couple of times travelling around the world to different countries and I have appreciated the work they give in helping me with my visas. I appreciate the hard work, attention to detail, and the effort put in.

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  • Gudrun Eichbauer

    Dear Zalina

    Now that I am back in SK I wanted to send you this little Thank You note. I had a wonderful time in St. Petersburg with my German friends and everything went well with my visa.

    It is indeed a splendid city with very kind people!!!

    With kindest Season's Greeting

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  • Anna and Jordan

    We were desperate and lost when my husband came in office first time. AnyVisa helped us to put all documents together in two weeks! We could get an answer for question any time and within hours or even minutes! We were provided exact information and exact steps which makes complicated process of apply for PR status in Canada easy and pleasant. I'm very happy we found AnyVisa! Thank you Elena, Anastasia, Alex and Irina for your professional job!

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  • Jay

    On November 13th I went to Anyvisa's office in Vancouver to delegate my whole student visa application process. I was promised to get my passport back with the visa stamped on it on November 20th and deliver on their promise they have!!!!

    The first thing I noticed when I entered the office was the "stress free signs" on the door and over the front desk. Next I was greeted by the kind and bright smile of Alina who directed me to Marina. I was in and out including the waiting time in 17 minutes!!! Marina filled out the whole application for me, organized all of my student visa's supporting documents and mailed them through the Fedex rushed service for me. I did not have to do a thing! Way to go for efficiency and effectiveness which was a great time saver for me.

    During processing I had a bunch of questions to ask about the quickest way and where to go to obtain the blood test, and also regarding the visa category due to a change I had in my travel plans. Almost, every email I sent to Marina was replied to within a couple of business hours and when I had to get an answer right away I called ANYVISA's office and Alina would transfer me to Marina within a few seconds who will then answer all the questions I had.

    On November 20th around 10:30 AM I received a call from Marina who informed me of the good news that my visa had arrived from the Russian consulate and that it was ready for pickup!!! I was exhilarated since I had booked my flight on the following day and had already purchased the ticket. I then rushed to Anyvisa's office to pickup my visa and while there Marina double checked again the information on my visa to make sure it was correct. I was in and out within five minutes, including the waiting time! I also noticed that they offered many other visa services for many other countries...and being the world traveler that I am, I will absolutely be hiring them again in the future for my visa needs and I highly recommend them for anyone who doesn't have the time, patience, nor wants to go through the headaches and hassle that any visa application might entail.

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  • Elena Oleinik

    Thanks Anyvisa for helping with documents organizing and having a service of online notifications for Russian consul appointments. That's very helpful. My only issue was when the lady who has been working on my documents left the company and then my files were moving around, so when I came to Anyvisa office to pick up documents before my Consul appointment turned out that my documents had few mistakes and were not saved at the server - had to find all files I received via email. At the end spent almost an hour in the office fixing mistakes and printing out all new forms, and barely made it to the Consul appointed time. But last time I worked with Anyvisa - thanks to Marina Kotova for help - she got my files and everything worked good and fast.

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