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Visas to Uganda for citizens of Canada

Available visas:

  • Tourist Visa - Required

    This type of visa can be granted to nationals of Canada who wish to visit Uganda for Tourist purposes. Anyvisa can assist you with this application and supporting documents.

    Tourist Single Entry

    2 days
    Service fee:
    Maximum stay:
    30 days
    Embassy fee:
    Customized service:
    CAD150.00 What is it?

    Customized visa services:

    • Flight Booking/Cancellation
    • Accommodation Booking/Cancellation
    • Trip Itinerary
    • Travel Advisory
    • Special Events Booking
    • Excursions/Sightseeing/Theatre/Concerts/Sport Events Reservations

    * The customer will be responsible for any third-party fees and charges.

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    Please note: Additional time and fee applies for the courier to/from the embassy.

    Please also note: Embassy Fees encompasses TOTAL cost of Consular processing services, including charges imposed by the Visa Processing Centre as the official application channel for those Embassies where direct submission from the public is prohibited. Such fees and charges disclosed to the Applicants in official receipts and cannot be modified by Anyvisa.

    Uganda′s Tourist visa requirements:

    Subject to your citizenship status, travel plans and specific requirements of the country you are travelling to, you may need to provide the following:

    • Valid passport with 2 blank pages
    • 1-2 passport-size photographs
    • Proof of legal status in Canada
    • Travel itinerary/round trip tickets booking
    • Invitation (if necessary)
    • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay
    • Employment history
    • Travel and visa history
    • Travel insurance (if necessary)

    Additional documents may be requested.
    Submit your specific request for a complete list of requirements.

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