It was a great pleasure using the services provided by Anyvisa. I’m so glad I referred to them to sort out a seemingly complex matter. At first, Zalina explained everything over the phone, she was very friendly and gave me very important information. Then, when it was the time for me to call the company back, Xeniya Freydina took on my file as Zalina was on vacation. So, it’s been a great pleasure to work with Xeniya. She explained everything clearly, and prepared all my documents perfectly. I got my new Russian passport application done and had a couple of my Canadian documents legalized at the Russian Consulate. Thanks to the services provided by Xeniya, I got all my documents ready in a timely manner; moreover, when I applied for my passport at the Consulate, my passport application was prepared perfectly, according to the Consulate’s requirements. Also, I just want to add that Xeniya answered all my emails promptly and provided clear complete responses. I’ll definitely refer to either Xeniya or Zalina in the future.
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