Recently my husband and I used the Anyvisa office in Vancouver to obtain a travel visa to Russia. We were in a bit of rush. The documents beign provided to us by the conference organizers in Moscow came late. And in the end, the documents also turned out to be inadequate for the visa. We had only 7 business days before our plane was to leave. Needless to say, we felt anxious about the timing and somewhat overwhelmed by all the paperwork.

Our main contact was with Zalina Ramonova.

We wanted to write and let you know how very pleased we were with Zalina's exemplary service to us.

Given the number of visas for different customers for different countries that your office has to process, we expected to be simply another number and to be treated with indifference.

Zalina was always courteous, attentive and patient. She responded quickly to any of our questions and guided us thoughtfully through the process when we discovered our documents were inadequate. She appreciated we were in a critical time crunch, and followed up with Ottawa to ensure our visas and passports would arrive back in time. She would then leave us messages to let us know that everything was okay.

The visas arrived on Friday (Sept 16). We take off on Monday (Sept 19)

My husband and I wanted to share this positive feedback with you. It is so rare today to get someone with such a good sense of customer service.

Zalina is an excellent representative of your company, and we will definitely use your services again... and recommend Anyvisa to our friends.

Thank you.

Catherine Clement and Peter Judd

Sechelt, BC

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