Legalization and notary services

Consular legalization is the confirmation of the compliance of documents with the legislation of the State of their origin, wherever the Apostille is not available.

Documents issued and valid in one jurisdiction may be used in another only after their legalization in accordance with the established consular protocol, unless otherwise provided.

ATTENTION! Canada is not a signee to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, which established the Apostille* and repealed the requirements of diplomatic or consular legalization of foreign documents. Therefore, the procedure for Apostille in Canada is not applied. Documents issued in Canada intended for use in Russia are subject to legalization at the consular office of the Russian Federation.

Legalization Services Embassy Fee Service Fee
Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada
  • Russian citizens – 42 CAD
  • Citizens of other countries – 75 CAD
150 CAD

Legalization by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada
(including our Power of Attorney)

200 CAD
Documents delivery   70 CAD
Certified translation of documents (RU-EN/ EN-RU) 35 CAD (per page) 30-50 CAD (per page)

Our Visa and Notary Services are available for both individuals and companies.

Our Document Legalization services for the documents intended for use in Russia are processed at the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade of Canada and the Consular section of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa.

Our services include:

  • Authentication of Canadian signatures on documents
  • Applications for Russian citizenship
  • Legalization of the Power of Attorney
  • Spousal Consent – Agreement of sale
  • Inheritance Rejection
  • Gifts under Power of Attorney – Residential Apartments
  • Power of Attorney – Privatization
  • And other documents that require legalization process

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*as internationally recognized “Seal of Approval”

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