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Уважаемый Алексей,

примите нашу глубокую признательность и благодарность Вам лично и вашему коллективу. Благодаря вашим профессиональным качествам и настойчивости, мы смогли получить документы на право являться постоянными резидентами Канады.

Два года назад, когда мы обратились к Вам, мы находились в отчаянном положении, особенно учитывая те факты, что до Вас три специалиста отказались работать с нами, полагая, что мы не имеем никаких шансов. Вместе с Вами мы обрели счастье объединения семьи и получили возможность свободного выбора нашего дальнейшего пути в Канаде.

Мы очень высоко ценим сложившиеся между нами отношения взаимного доверия, рассчитываем на наше дальнейшее сотрудничество и обязательно будем рекомендовать Вас.

Дима Юрасов


Благодарственное письмо

Дорогая мадам Романова!

От всей души и сердца хочу выразить Вам благодарность, а также всем Вашим сотрудникам корпорации Anyvisa Services, за помощь до, во время и после подготовки и разработки всех необходимых документов для посещения Российской Федерации в 2018 году!

Любая организация, в том числе любые государственные представительства Российской Федерации за рубежом, могут только мечтать о сотрудниках как Вы, а также о составе всего коллектива профессионалов, к которому Вы принадлежите!

Оргомное спасибо!

С глубоким уважением,
Дима Юрасов
Ванкувер, Британская Колумбия,

Vera Brotzky

Great customer service ! Thank you for your help.

Victoria Krasnitskaya

Hello! I am very satisfied with Anyvisa Services. This is the first time I have used the services of this company. Especially I would like to thank the specialist Xeniya Freydina, she helped with the legalization of marriage certificate. And required document was successfully delivered to Russia by DHL. Thank you very much!

Nataliya Pryadkina

Very satisfied with the service! Great team ,very organized and fast . Big thanks to Zalina Romonova.


Very knowledgeable and very professional staff. Timely service designed to specific needs of the client. Willing to take time to listed to client’s questions and concerns very patiently. I’ve been using AnyVisa’s services for eight years, and have not been disappointed once. Thank you for your help and kindness Zalina and all the staff of AnyVisa!

Param Jeet Mahal

A professional company and working with Marina Kotova was a pleasure

Maria Kamlyk

Fantastic as usual! Zalina was prompt and professional. Got our documenta before the due date ! Thank you. We will be back


Xeniya has guided us through the process of receiving visas for my husband and my daughter. She provided great customer service and it was very pleasant to talk to her. We have enjoyed using Anyvisa services!

AnyVisa Customer

I give Zalina 5 stars for her thorough and expedient handling of our Visas for Russia. The only reason my rating is 4 stars is because I already had organised the invitation letter and there was no reduction in price for having already done that. It's an all or nothing fee no matter how much legwork you have already done. The price is steep but then again it was excellent service!

Anthony Fagan

Very professional. Straight to the point and plenty of communication, I don’t like to be separated from my Passport. Well done . 🙏

Ian Driscall

Zalina at AnyVisa really impressed me! She picked up a complex Visa requirement with a short time-frame that needed urgent processing in the US since the country has no embassy here. She immediately got on the phone to the Embassy and made things happen! Very focused and very organized! Got my visa in a week despite two business days being holidays!

C Cooper

I could not recommend this company enough. They were recommended by a friend who spoke highly of Alex and his team. What can I say, he was 100% correct. Other lawyers can grossly overcharge and even then not give you that service you desire when hiring someone for one of the most important processes of your life. Alex and his team were outstanding with their service, their price and knowledge. They get the job done and they give that 'family-run style' customer service. What more do you want?

Daria Kuznetsova

In my experience the service was very efficient and professional. I have visited the anyvisa office once. Xenia, the specialist I was in contact with took care of everything and processed my documentation very quickly ,it exceeded my expectations.


It’s been a fantastic 14-month journey towards a successful result. Anyvisa took our hands and got us through all the odds of the immigration processes with an absolute professionalism and dedication, being focused on details and tirelessly explaining every step from day one, all without giving false promises or letting you cherish unreasonable hopes. One of those quite uncommon experiences nowadays. Thank you, Alex. Thank you, Anastasia.

Wilson Lin

Worked with Marina on getting our Russian Tourist Visas for our upcoming trip! She was great with informing us with everything we need to know and do and helped get us our visas so fast. I highly recommend working with AnyVisa. They are super professional and friendly.

AnyVisa Customer

I have enjoyed my experience working with anyvisa. I have used their services a couple of times travelling around the world to different countries and I have appreciated the work they give in helping me with my visas. I appreciate the hard work, attention to detail, and the effort put in.

Gudrun Eichbauer


Dear Zalina

Now that I am back in SK I wanted to send you this little Thank You note. I had a wonderful time in St. Petersburg with my German friends and everything went well with my visa.

It is indeed a splendid city with very kind people!!!

With kindest Season's Greeting

Ludmila Shaposhnikova


Здравствуйте, Залина!

К сожалению меня нет на фэйсбуке и других видов коммуникаций, поэтому хотела поблагодарить вас за высокий профессионализм, компетентность, пунктуальность и сердечное желание помогать. Желаю больших успехов во всех сферах вашей жизни и чтобы ваша компания была ещё больше успешной и процветающей.

Ещё раз сердечное спасибо!!

Anna and Jordan

We were desperate and lost when my husband came in office first time. AnyVisa helped us to put all documents together in two weeks! We could get an answer for question any time and within hours or even minutes! We were provided exact information and exact steps which makes complicated process of apply for PR status in Canada easy and pleasant. I'm very happy we found AnyVisa! Thank you Elena, Anastasia, Alex and Irina for your professional job!

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