Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Apply to be nominated by the Ontario government

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) allows foreign workers, international students, and others with the right skills, experience, and education to apply for a nomination for permanent residence in Ontario.

The program is:

  • operated by the Ontario government in partnership with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • designed to help Ontario meet its labor market and economic development needs

What you need to know

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is made up of three categories:

1 - Employer Job Offer category

The Job Offer category has three streams. You must have a full-time and permanent job offer from an Ontario employer to qualify for one of the following three.

  • Foreign Worker Stream
  • International Student Stream
  • In-Demand Skills Stream

2 - Human capital category

The human capital category has two sub-categories:

International graduates
The Masters Graduate Stream gives international graduates with an eligible Ontario master’s degree the opportunity to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence within 2 years.

The stream is popular because it does not require a job offer from an Ontario employer in order to be eligible.
Ontario’s Express Entry

To qualify under Ontario’s EE PNP streams, you must have a profile in the Express Entry system and receive a Notification of Interest from Ontario.

Ontario’s Express Entry:

  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream
  • Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • Skilled Trades Stream

3 - Business category

There are 2 business streams in this category:

  1. Corporate stream: This stream is for a big-size transnational corporation looking to expand into Province of Ontario
  2. Entrepreneur stream: This stream is for entrepreneurs located outside of Canada looking to start a new business or buy an existing business in Ontario

For more details contact us and see, if you are eligible for this program.

Recent Updates

Ontario government announced that the province will create:

  • A new immigration stream for tech workers. This stream would feed Ontario’s booming tech sector in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.
  • A new immigration pilot initiative with the goal of attracting highly skilled immigrants to smaller communities around the province. In fact, this pilot is designed to encourage immigration to Northern Ontario.

Read the latest news in our blog and we will keep you informed on Canadian Immigration updates.

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