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In the practice of immigration law, each case is as unique as the individuals involved in it, especially when those individuals are a part of the LGBT community. Canada protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people against harassment and discrimination; however, we still have immigration laws in effect that may make legal procedures very complicated.

Latest Updates:

Canada is introducing the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership, which will support more Canadians in privately sponsoring LGBTQ2 refugees who are fleeing violence and persecution.

Starting in 2020, the new initiative builds on the success of the Rainbow Refugee Assistance Pilot, by increasing the number of privately sponsored refugees from 15 to 50 per year. This unique partnership is in addition to the existing refugee programs, which continue to provide protection to LGBTQ2 and other vulnerable people from around the world.

The Rainbow Refugee Assistance Partnership, established in cooperation with the Rainbow Refugee Society, will encourage more Canadians to support LGBTQ2 refugees and will help strengthen collaboration between LGBTQ2 organizations and the refugee settlement community in Canada.

Canada recognizes the specific vulnerabilities that LGBTQ2 refugees face and will continue to work closely with the community to help them make Canada their home.

Some parts of our immigration laws and regulations may also have some perceived gray areas in terms of equality, which is why it is so important that you work to protect your rights with help from a legal representative.

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“Dr. Alex Titov and his consulting team provided me with expert advice when I sponsored my American partner four years ago. The process involved was complex and so it was very helpful when Alex walked me through every step of the way making sure we avoided the pitfalls and traps. I wholeheartedly recommend soliciting the help of Alex when considering immigration to Canada as his experience would help you avoid potential errors that could cause a delay or failure in the application.” – Alex and Luke, Vancouver, BC

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