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DIY immigration packages for confident individuals

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ANYVISA experts offer a DIY option!

  • Do you know how to apply under NEW Express Entry System?
  • Would you like to file the Canadian immigration application yourself?
  • Are you worried about unplanned legal costs during your immigration process?
  • Do you love to be in complete control AND to have peace of mind?

Our general benefits for DIY packages:

  • Save up to 60% by being involved firsthand in the application process.
  • Complete awareness and responsibility of every decision with the added benefit of expert advice along the way.
  • Eliminate unplanned costs during the application process by making 2 or 3 small payments throughout the Packaged Contract.
  • We will liaise with Canadian Immigration Authorities if you choose to go beyond Basic Package.
  • We are fully responsible for all legal work done on your Application and still the LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE*. Our regular legal guarantees and responsibilities are unaffected.
  • We will provide our legal experts who will carry out your project at a timescale to suit you.

Upon your special request and for a minor additional cost we will supervise all trades (translators, notaries, doctors, employment agencies, etc.) on your immigration file acting as your Representative and have regular online, phone or in-person meetings to discuss progress.

BUT! There are times when you can’t do everything yourself. It may go against your natural inclination, but you know it’s time to get help when you:

  • Consistently have problems with multiple application forms
  • Don’t have the skill set to prepare and collect all the supporting materials for your application
  • Face an unexpected crisis in file preparation or during the existing submission
  • Need to schedule time off, go on vacation or take a job overseas, but can’t in fear of losing connection with the Immigration Authorities

If you can relate to one or more points mentioned above, it may be time to move away from doing everything yourself. It may be time to get ANYVISA to help you with your Immigration process. Please don’t misinterpret our DIY packages – they are not a substitute for initial and detailed legal work on a regular file. Simply put – if you are not ready to do it yourself, hire our experts for detailed work and we will work for you full-time, based on the Client-Attorney privileges and based on our highest standards of services.


If you have any questions about the above, do not fully understand the meaning of government’s requirements, or simply confused by any of the questions in forms, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask for real full-time assistance and complete legal support.

Review Package

  • All forms and supporting documents reviewed by our leading Immigration Counsel for mistakes, discrepancies, and misrepresentation of the life facts and historical mistakes (prior to validation with CIC).
  • All forms edited professionally to the standard of legal requirements of the IRPA (Immigration Act).
  • You are presented with the extended and detailed list of recommendations regarding mistakes, misspellings and directly opposing facts within your file.
  • Comprehensive 2-hour personal consultation with our Legal Counsel (via phone, Skype or in-person).
  • An additional set of recommendations provided for supporting documents.

Submission Package

  • All forms carefully reviewed by an Immigration Counsel in our office in Vancouver, Canada.
  • All forms edited professionally to the standard of legal requirements of the IRPA (Immigration Act).
  • You are presented with the extended and detailed list of recommendations regarding mistakes, misspellings and directly opposing facts within your file.
  • An additional set of recommendations provided separately for the package of supporting documents.
  • Two Comprehensive 2-hour personal consultations with our Legal Counsel (via phone, Skype or in-person) included.
  • Official Submission Letter of Support provided by our office as we agree to represent you during your application process, assuring success and increasing chances of your Permanent Residency in Canada.
  • To make it special and to guarantee full control over submission and application process, we will submit your Application Package FROM OUR OFFICE IN CANADA.


These packages above are provided for those who have completed their own preliminary drafting of their Immigration forms for Canadian Permanent Residency and require additional supervision, assistance, and support. Prior to entering a legal relationship with our office, some particular evaluation and initial consultation may be provided as an ordinary opinion and common knowledge presentation. In no event can ANYVISA Services Corp. be held liable for the content of such independent opinion.

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