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We are licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

Dr. Alexei Titov is a Member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (Verify Status) and a Senior Immigration Advisor.

As of July 2014, he has been honored to serve as an independent member of Ashton College’s Immigration Consulting Program Advisory Committee. He is able to contribute his knowledge of Canadian Immigration law and consulting experience to ensure Ashton’s programs are highly relevant, facilities are appropriate, and resources are qualified.

Licensed Realtor and Real-Estate expert Alexei is working with HOMELIFE from his Downtown Vancouver, BC office.

Dr. Alexei Titov is also the Chief Strategist of InWest Ventures International, a boutique style Venture-Capital and Management counseling service. Prior to InWest, he co-founded and led a strategy consulting firm that served leading companies in telecommunications, industrial products, financial services, construction, transportation, and retailing. He has an extensive international private and corporate practice in Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada since 1992.

Dr. Titov has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Physics (1992) and Master’s Degree in Finance (1998) and holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (2000, USA). He is a licensed Real Estate Advisor and certified Immigration Counsellor, licensed to practice immigration law in Canada.

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