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How to get a Russian visa in Vancouver

5 most asked questions about Russian travel visa

How long does it take to obtain a Russian Visa? When to start? Where to go? These and many more questions are being asked by Canadian travelers when they decide to spend their next vacation in Russia.

Unfortunately for travelers, there is a quite long list of countries, whose citizens need a travel visa to Russia. Canada is one of them. From Anyvisa’s huge experience in this industry, we can summarize and highlight 5 most asked questions that travelers might have before their trip to Russia.


apply for a Russian Visa in Vancouver

How to apply for a Russian Visa in Vancouver?

You can either do it yourself or with professional assistance. In the first case, you will need to contact Russian Consulate by yourself and follow their instructions on how to get a Russian Visa. However, if you decide to go with professional help, you will save your time and make the entire visa process less stressful. Anyvisa specialists provide with a comprehensive consultation and make sure that your documents are in a right order and fully meet the Consular requirements.

Russian Travel Visa

What documents do I need for Russian Travel Visa?

It will depend on the type of visa you are applying for. If you are applying for a Tourist visa to Russia, you will need:

  • Make sure your passport is valid and has 2 blank visa-designated pages;
  • Fill out the application;
  • Pay the Consular Fees;
  • Make photos according to visa requirements;
  • Receive the Invitation Letter;
  • Take care of the postage, since you will need to send it all to Ottawa.

In some cases, the Consulate may request some additional documents.


apply for a Russian Visa in Vancouver

What is an Invitation Letter?

Invitation Letter from Russia is an official document requested from the hotel where the foreign traveler is going to stay, or from travel agency authorized by the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. Also, if you need a Tourist or Business Invitation Letter, Anyvisa is here to help you with those. You can place your order here.


Russian Travel Visa

How long does the processing time take?

It depends on the emergency, when you apply for your Russian Visa. Regular visa process takes 21 business days. However, if you have an unexpected trip or you simply forgot to check if you need a visa to Russia, there is a rush process available. It would be more expensive, but it takes just 4-5 business days.



apply for a Russian Visa in Vancouver

Is there a Russian Consulate in Vancouver?

No, and that’s why Anyvisa is here and happy to help travelers to apply for a Russian Visa from Vancouver.

If you have more questions regarding getting a Russian Travel Visa, feel free to go through our FAQ page, or simply contact us for visa assistance.

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