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Our global network is open to all professionals

Earn great commission as a marketing agent and help people immigrate to Canada

We are looking for business partners to join a global network of Referral Agents. You can add value to your business with our immigration expertise. As a Referral Agent, you are entitled to make a commission every time customers referred by you buy our services. When dealing with your own customers, you inevitably reach a point in your discussion when they ask something like:

“I have an immigration question. Do you know someone who can help?”

You can say “No”, leaving your customer unsatisfied. OR you can say “Yes”, refer them to WMG, and receive a (recurring) commission. Check out how it works!

For more than two decades we’ve been proudly serving various clients – family members, investors, business people, students on various programs, skilled workers and others. We are constantly expanding our network!

Extend your own business with our expertise

If you do business in one of the following industries, you already deal with people who are interested in migration in one way or another. Canada may be a country they are interested in.

  • Travel agencies
  • Language schools
  • Translation services
  • International recruiters

Benefits for All Agents

  • Complete marketing support and training
  • Profitable commission-based income potential
  • Reputable, licensed, insured and guaranteed service
  • Long-term business relationship
  • Mutual respect and cross-referrals
  • Reciprocal customer service tools
  • Promotional seminars and Skype conferences

Corporate Partners

In regards to our corporate partners, we practice reciprocity to the full extent. Tell us how we can help you to promote your business or otherwise help your customers and we will ask you simply to do the same for us. We execute it in a legal way – from the moment we accept a referred client to be represented by our office, that person will become our client to avoid any confusion and misrepresentation.

Licensed Immigration Agents

If you are a licensed lawyer or consultant, you may or may not share responsibility with us as a legal representative for mutual clients. It’s not unusual these days to see licensed consultants working simply as agents, and we gladly provide this income opportunity to those who want to avoid the hassle of operating their own legal practice.

Independent Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneurial person with an urge to help other people and make it your business, we will be happy to review your potential, your area of geographical interest, your business connections, as well as your attitude and achievements to date. Please consider, as an agent, you will represent our company and our services – naturally, we want our agents to be the best. You may also act as an “occasional agent” – someone who has used our service before, liked what we’ve done and knows somebody who may need the same or similar service. Don’t hesitate to refer interested persons to us, for it’s mutually beneficial to you and to your referee, who will get a discount on our services while you will get a gift of appreciation from us.

Feel free to send us your request from our contact page – we have neither age/gender/race, nor occupational limits for agents. If you can talk – you can be our agent, help people and make money!

If you still have any questions, please visit our FAQ page for agents:

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