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Visa Services FAQ

What visas can I get?

Anyvisa is assisting with ANY types of visas to ANY country in the world*.

*Please, confirm with our visa specialist if the country of your destination is on any travel advisory lists.

How to apply for a Russian Visa in Vancouver if there is no Consulate here?

That’s why we are here – we are happy to help Canadians and other foreign nationals in applying for a Russian visa from Vancouver. Our bi-lingual team will be glad to make your visa process smooth and stress-free. At Anyvisa, we will prepare all required documents for your visa application and submit them for visa processing on your behalf.

What documents do I need to apply for a Russian visa?

First of all, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of exit from Russia and has minimum 2 blank visa-designated pages. Second, you need to have a Letter of Invitation. Additional documents are required based on the type of Visa and the nature of your trip. We are always happy to provide you with our consultation regarding the type of visa and the invitation letter accordingly. Once we assess your inquiry and our services retained, the comprehensive list of documents is generated for you.

How much does it cost to get a Russian visa?

The cost depends on the purpose, number of entries, duration of stay, and chosen visa processing time at the Consulate. In order to save money, we always advise our clients to start early to avoid urgent submission fees.

How long does it take to obtain a Russian visa?

The regular process usually takes 21 business days. The expedited process takes 4 business days. The exception would be the United States passport holders. For them, any type of Russian visa requires 15 business days for the processing.

How do I get a tourist voucher for Russian visa?

The tourist invitation letter must be requested from the hotel or travel agency authorized by the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation. Confirmation of admission of foreign tourists must contain a six-digit register number of the Federal Agency for Tourism, seal, and signature of the authorized person.

Can I get a Russian visa online?

Currently, e-visa to Russia is available only for the Far East region of Russia. Citizens of 18 countries can apply for their Russian e-visas online. Starting from July 1, 2019, Russian e-visa holders are able to visit the Kaliningrad region as well.

How far in advance can I apply for a Russian visa?

There are no limitations in time. As soon as you have your Invitation from Russia, you can submit your Visa Application.

Russian Consular Services FAQ

Is there a Russian Consulate in Vancouver?

No, there are only three Russian Diplomatic Missions in Canada: Embassy of Russia in Ottawa, Consulate General in Toronto and Consulate General in Montreal.

What Consular services can ANYVISA assist with?

Prepare and submit on your behalf: Applications for Document Legalization, Police Clearance from Russia, Russian citizenship confirmation, Russian Pension inquiries and other services that can be done via courier services.

Also, we prepare all the required documents for your Consular appointments: Applications for Russian travel passport, Applications for Russian citizenship and passports for kids, Pension Documents.

What if I need to see the Consul of the Russian Federation?

You need to contact the Embassy/Consulate directly and book an appointment in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal. Another option would be to meet the Consul during their visit to Vancouver.

How often does the Russian Consul visit Vancouver?

There is no particular schedule for Consular visits. All announcements will be found on the Russian Embassy website or the Embassy Facebook Page. 

Can I apply for a Russian internal passport in Canada?

No, internal passports for Russian citizens can be issued only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

How can I renew my Russian passport?

You can apply for a Russian passport renewal, if you have an appointment during the Consular visit in Vancouver. Make sure you get a confirmation of your appointment directly from the Russian Consulate. To guarantee that you are all prepared, contact Anyvisa to get your documents done according to the Consular requirements.

How can I get apostille in Vancouver?

The procedure for Apostille in Canada is not applied. Documents issued in Canada intended for use in Russia are subject to legalization at the consular office of the Russian Federation.