2018 Trending destinations

trending destinations

San Antonio (The USA): a popular city in Texas is going to be even more popular this year due to its 300th anniversary. Throughout the whole year, a lot of festive and entertaining activities are going to take place. For example, the week of May 1 – May 6 is announced as a week full of events, as well as the week of April 19 – April 29, which is annual Fiesta San Antonio festival. Also, lots of museums are going to host special anniversary exhibits (Witte Museum, San Antonio Museum of Art, Lone Star Brewery and many others).

Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Russia): obviously, these two cities are going to be the top popular destinations during the World Cup 2018 in June. However, the popularity of the two capitals of Russia is also related to the frequency of appearing in the world news. Oh, that’s right, before going to Russia, you should know, that Russians actually call both of the cities “capital” since Saint Petersburg is considered as a cultural capital of Russia.

Slovenia: this tiny central European country tends to be very attractive for foodies due to culinary scene, which is very well explained by neighboring Italy, Austria, and Hungary. Also, wine lovers will appreciate the “Tuscany of Slovenia” – the Goriska Brda wine region, which boasts vineyards ripe with regular grapes, used by organic wineries.

If you are looking for more exotic or extreme experience in 2018, we hope you’ll like our next blog post about the wildest trending destinations!

12 ways to prevent your NEXUS-card from being confiscated


If you live in North America, most likely you travel a lot between the USA and Canada – either for work or leisure purposes. While crossing the border you probably were interested in the extra line, which is usually shorter and faster. That line is for NEXUS-card holders, who tend to cross the border more frequently than regular travelers. Indeed, NEXUS-card was created for preapproved travelers to speed up their border crossings. Since NEXUS-card holders don’t carry anything that is supposed to be declared they can cross the border between U.S. and Canada faster.

However, some NEXUS-card owners make a mistake thinking that they have a privilege not to declare their goods. That’s completely wrong; they have to declare as well as regular travelers. More than anything, for not obeying the rules, they have signed with applying for a NEXUS-card, they are going to be punished even more strictly than regulars. They can get their NEXUS-card confiscated right away along with a bad border crossing history, which may lead to the problems and difficulties in the future.

Here are main points, which every NEXUS-card holder must keep in mind while traveling between the USA and Canada: 

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2018 FIFA Tickets

fifa 2018

Football fans have been being able to apply for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Tickets from 5 December 2017 to 31 January 2018. Since 5 December over 2 300 000 tickets had been requested.

We remind you that football fans don’t need a Russian visa as long as they have FAN ID. FAN ID is also required for attending the matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. If you still don’t have your FAN ID, you need to apply for one as soon as possible, and keep in mind that you can do that after you paid for your tickets and received the confirmation email. If you just applied for your tickets, you can view all the details of your ticket request and delivery information on the page “My Requests” on the official website.

If you need a Russian visa for your partners or family members who are not football fans, but willing to join you for the unforgettable Russian trip, feel free to contact us or click here to apply for a Russian visa.

Beijing Expanded Visa-Free Policy for Transiting Travelers


Visitors transiting China to a third country now can stay and visit Beijing for up to 144 hours visa-free (instead of 72 hours, previously allowed prior to last Dec. 28, 2017, as part of an expanding tourism-friendly program.).

Citizens of the U.S., Canada, and 51 other countries are now permitted to travel visa-free in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province within 144 hours. Keep in mind, the travelers must hold the required documentation and have purchased tickets with a fixed date to depart to a third country or region.

In addition, the new policy not only doubles the time a traveler can stay visa-free but also allows entry through train terminals and seaports. The previous rules allowed visitors to enter only through airports.

To apply for a Chinese visa click here.

Requirements for the Egypt Online Visa


The Egypt e-visa is a new electronic travel authorization system for citizens of eligible countries, who want to travel to Egypt as tourists. There is no need to go to the embassy; a traveler can apply for an e-visa online and obtain the correct travel authorization.

The process of the application it quite simple and requires just a basic information about an applicant, which is a valid passport of the eligible country (US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, and 40 other countries), credit/debit card for the visa payment, and an email address for the electronic visa.

After the visa application has been submitted and approved, an applicant should print the document and have the hard copy of it upon arrival in Egypt.

To apply for an Egyptian visa click here.

Bulgarian citizens can visit Canada with no visa


From December 1, 2017, Bulgarians are allowed to come to Canada without a visa and stay for up to 6 months. Visa-free travel is good for tourism, business trips, and visiting relatives/friends, but not for work.

The procedure is pretty simple. Before coming to Canada, Bulgarian citizens, who are traveling by air, have to register on the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get the registration. The fee is 7 Canadian Dollars and the registration is valid for 5 years, which means it doesn’t have to be done before each trip.

However, if a Bulgarian citizen is looking for work permission, the procedure will be more complicated. To learn more, you can order a consultation with our visa specialist.

New Canadian Visa Application Centres in China

canadian visa

Recently the demand for visas for Chinese residents has increased. Statistically, in the year of 2017, Canada received more than 500,000 applications from Chinese citizens. This amount has significantly expanded compared to the year of 2016. That’s why Canada was looking for new ways to support the growth in Chinese applications.

As a necessary measure, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) opened 7 new Visa Application Centres in China last week. The opening ceremony took place in Nanjing. New centres were opened in cities of Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shenyang, and Wuhan. They join the existing network of VACs in Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Each Visa Application Centre offers support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident visa application is assessed by an IRCC officer.

The new VACs will play an important role in improving economic relationships and cultural exchange between Canada and China.

Applicants may reach VAC directly or via AnyVisa office in Vancouver, BC where all your questions will be answered and our experts will make sure all the applications are complete and accurate.

To apply for a Canadian visa click here.

Visiting Brazil will become easier for certain nationalities


During the conference organized by the BTW Brazil DMC, which took place at the Consulate-General of Brazil in Los Angeles on November 8, some announcements regarding the tourist industry of Brazil took place.

Starting on January 15, a new electronic visa program for certain nationalities will take effect, so that tourists coming from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan will be able to get their visas easier. The entire visa process for those visitors will be available online and obtained within 72 hours. The new upcoming e-visa program for U.S., Canadian, Australian, and Japanese citizens is one of the measures the Brazilian government is about to put in force in order to attract more visitors to the country.

To apply for a Brazilian visa click here.

Israelis might not need US visas for traveling

the USA

This week it’s been reported that, due to the deal between the USA and Israel, Israeli citizens may be allowed to travel to the USA under Visa Waiver Programme, which means they might not need their visas obtained in advance. As a part of this agreement, Israel is supposed to provide the US with the access to the country’s extensive fingerprint database for background checks.

The anticipated agreement still must be passed into Israeli law, as it requires the sharing of such kind of important data as a fingerprint database with a foreign nation. The agreement should be finalized by December 2017, as Ayelet Shaked, the Justice Minister of Israel, is expected to visit the US within next two weeks. Before the agreement is finalized the visa policy between the two countries remains the same.

To apply for an U.S. visa click here.

Russian visa regime might get simplified for Chinese tourists

russian visa

According to The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, the current visa policy for Chinese tourists might change. Now the visa regime allows only a tourist group of five or more people to enter the country without visas for up to three weeks. It might change to groups of three or more people for staying in Russia for up to two weeks.

Due to the statistics, over the past few years, the number of Chinese tourists in Russia had increased. During the year of 2016, about 1.2 million Chinese tourists had visited Russia. This number is continuously growing. Let’s not forget about the upcoming football event in 2018. As Russia is preparing to host the FIFA World Cup, the Russian Prime Minister emphasized that Russia is expecting President Xi Jinping to attend it.

Russia appreciates the current relations with China. According to Medvedev, who had recently been on a three-day official visit to China, the relationships between two countries are now at the highest level in their history.

To apply for a Russian visa click here.

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