winter fun in russia

Winter fun in Russia

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The most fun winter activities in Russia you want to experience at least once!

Winter in Russia is known to be severe and pretty challenging, especially for foreign tourists. However, if you are into these winter activities, you are going to have so much fun during your trip to Russia in wintertime!

1 – Dog Sledding

This activity is relatively new but it is becoming more and more popular among local citizens and tourists. Now there are lots of destinations in Russia (such as Chukotka, Yakutsk, or even country-sides of Moscow and St. Petersburg). This exciting winter adventure will make your Russian trip truly unforgettable!

2 – Ice Sculptures

One of the most creative ways to celebrate winter in Russia is ice carving competitions. There are annual festivals and Ice Sculpture Championships taking place in different cities of Russia. The most popular destinations would be Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Khabarovsk, Perm.

3 – Traditional Troika Ride

A ride on the traditional Russian Troika sleigh with three horses is a to-do activity you want to experience if you are traveling to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Ekaterinburg. Enjoy the views of the Russian countryside and snowy landscape as you dash as quickly as the wind on an adorned three-horse carriage!

4 – Extreme sports in the Far East

If you are into skiing or snowboarding, consider checking out the wildest part of Russia – Kamchatka. It has an almost mystical appeal to skiers from all over the world. Kamchatka's landscape is beautiful in the extreme. The most exciting fact about Kamchatka – it has one of the world’s most unique Heli-ski seasons, which starts in March and lasts until the end of June.

That is not the full list of the most fun winter activities in Russia. There is so much more, such as Ice-Skating on the Red Square, Ice-Fishing on Lake Baikal, chill out in a Russian Banya, have a Russian Tea Party, and many many more.

Winter in Russia can make a life-time experience that you won’t ever forget! Contact us for visa information, or send your request for Russian visa right away.

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