What travel insurance covers?

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Travel insurance and medical travel insurance are commonly confused. As a matter of fact, a medical insurance plan can be part of your travel insurance policy, but it doesn’t have to be. Below we sort things out to resolve the confusion for travelers across the Globe once and for all.

Basically, depending on the plan you pick, your travel insurance may provide coverage, separately or in a combo, for the following elements:

  • medical emergencies
  • emergency medical evacuation/return home
  • trip delay
  • trip cancellations for reasons beyond the traveler’s control
  • loss or damage of baggage
  • personal money loss
  • flight accidents

There are also elements that no travel insurance policy will ever include:

  • a pre-existing unstable condition is known at the time when the policy is purchased
  • involvement in any criminal activities in the destination country
  • a voluntary trip cancellation
  • any accident which resulted from misrepresentation or providing misleading information at the time of purchase of the plan

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