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Vancouver-LA-Vancouver: what is the best way to travel?

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

Somebody may say the best way to get to Los Angeles from Vancouver is to take a plane. However, what if you are a road trip lover?

Indeed, you can easily get to LA, California from Vancouver, BC by car. Here is a question – which highway to pick? If you want to reach Los Angeles faster, pick the interior highway. In this case, the total driving time would be around 20 hours, so consider making an overnight stop somewhere on your way. The trip will be quite boring though: the road will be pretty much all you can see on your way.

Another option for a road trip from Vancouver to LA would be driving along the Pacific coast. That’s the best option if you have plenty of time and a thirst for breathtaking picturesque views!

flag usaThere is no way you are going to speed up! Just opposite – be prepared to stop every 15 minutes to take a picture of the open ocean, rocks, giant waves, listen to their sound, take a deep breath of the salty air, and maybe even run barefoot to the water. Those moments feel so precious that you just want the time to stop for another minute. And then keep going. Here are some tips for you to remember if you pick this way:

1 - keep going, if you have a due day to be back home.

2 - however, don’t miss such spots as Oregon coast in Lincoln City, Bandon Ocean Wayside, Redwoods State Park, San Francisco, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Bixby Creek Bridge.

3 – if you reach the Big Sur area in the dark, remain on the highway. Even if your GPS is telling you to save 30 min by driving up the mountain – don’t do that, it’s super dangerous at night. However, if you are traveling during the day – you will get the breathtaking view for sure.

4 – watch your speed: wild animals tend to jump on the road. Deer, wild boars, rabbits, mice – you don’t want to run them over.

Whichever route you pick, you will get super excited to reach Los Angeles with its palms and a very special atmosphere. Have fun and don’t forget to get your US visa before your trip!