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2018 Trending destinations

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San Antonio (The USA): a popular city in Texas is going to be even more popular this year due to its 300th anniversary. Throughout the whole year, a lot of festive and entertaining activities are going to take place. For example, the week of May 1 – May 6 is announced as a week full of events, as well as the week of April 19 – April 29, which is annual Fiesta San Antonio festival. Also, lots of museums are going to host special anniversary exhibits (Witte Museum, San Antonio Museum of Art, Lone Star Brewery and many others).

Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Russia): obviously, these two cities are going to be the top popular destinations during the World Cup 2018 in June. However, the popularity of the two capitals of Russia is also related to the frequency of appearing in the world news. Oh, that’s right, before going to Russia, you should know, that Russians actually call both of the cities “capital” since Saint Petersburg is considered as a cultural capital of Russia.

Slovenia: this tiny central European country tends to be very attractive for foodies due to culinary scene, which is very well explained by neighboring Italy, Austria, and Hungary. Also, wine lovers will appreciate the “Tuscany of Slovenia” – the Goriska Brda wine region, which boasts vineyards ripe with regular grapes, used by organic wineries.

If you are looking for more exotic or extreme experience in 2018, we hope you’ll like our next blog post about the wildest trending destinations!

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