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four friends traveling

Traveling with friends: how to make it through the trip

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

Sometimes traveling with friends may become torture for many reasons you can't predict. Here are some travel tips to have fun and keep your friendship going.

Everybody has their vision and expectations from the trip, that's why it's important to be on the same page. Here is the best way to start your planning:

1 - Discussion

Go through the details of your upcoming trip: what each person of the group wants to visit. It would be very disappointing to spend all this money on the trip and not be able to see what you expected or always been dreaming of. Compromise is key to the discussion.

2 - Finances

The point that cannot be ignored as it's the frequent cause of conflicts. Generally, the entire plan of your vacation will depend on the finances each of you is ready to spend. Guided tours, restaurants, accommodation, and transportation - all that has to be discussed before the trip to avoid any misunderstanding.

3 - Useful apps

There are a bunch of super handy mobile apps that will allow you to keep track of your shared expenses and balance with your friends. For example, Splitwise will be useful if you decide to take turns paying the bills. Also, Budgy App would be a nice analog.

4 - Tasks

If your squad is more than 3 people, it's a good idea to make tasks lists and point out who is responsible for what. It's always better to delegate tasks according to each other's interests - surely you can tell who is a food lover, or a flight tickets wizard in your company. Take advantage of each other's strengths.

5 - Visas

Don't postpone obtaining travel visas if you need them to travel. Depending on the country of destination it might take some time to process your visa. If you have visa-free entry to the country you are traveling to, it doesn't mean that your friend has the same set of documents as you do.

If you need any visa assistance, we are always ready to help and make your trip planning stress-free. Just contact us or click here to check if you need a visa to travel.