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road trip to usa

Travel tips for a road trip to the USA

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

When you are on a road trip, expect unexpected things to happen to you. Even if you have planned everything and it seems like you are all set, well, you are not!

1 - Wi-Fi is really HARD to find! Surprisingly, but turns out that in Canada we are spoiled with Wi-Fi access almost everywhere. In the US you have more chances to find Wi-Fi at a fast food cafe in the middle of nowhere, but not in restaurants or cafeterias where you would actually expect to connect to Wi-Fi. So, if you travel without roaming and have an urgency to contact your family or check your email, don't ignore the closest Starbucks.

2 - Bring CASH. Yes, in 99% cases you'll be able to pay by a credit card, but it's not guaranteed that it won't be unexpectedly declined, and you won't know why.

3 - If you booked your accommodation through EXPEDIA, always contact the hotel before heading there and confirm that they have your booking. Sometimes hotels don't see the bookings made via Expedia for an unknown reason. In this case you are risking not getting your accommodation even if you've already paid for it. If the inn didn’t see your booking and can't provide you with a room on the required date, there are 2 options:

- They have to find you a room in another property (inn/hotel);

- You contact Expedia directly for the refund (which you'll receive within 7 days).

4 - If you are behind your schedule (which is normal during a road trip), always contact your hotel, or inn, or Airbnb host to let them know about the late check in.

5 - GPS is not always right. If it brought you to a dead end, don't panic! Just look around and drive towards the closest concrete road - it will lead you to the right path eventually. Anyways, make sure you are using an up-to-date GPS. Apple Maps tend to be very accurate as well, if you have access.

6 - Don't ignore gas stations, especially if you know that you are leaving the populated area. It's always better to play it safe and make sure you have enough gas, because the next gas station might be 300-400 miles away.

Road trips are super fun, but safety - first! Always be cautious and keep in mind the tips above. If a US road trip has always been your dream - go for it! And make sure you have your American visa. If not - call Anyvisa.