Top countries experiencing “over tourism” these days

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We can still recall the time when per say “holiday destinations” – such as Thailand, Greece, Spain, France – used to be the most popular spots for summer vacations. However, times change, and nowadays “holiday destination” leaders are not the same. We won’t dig into the details of causes and reasons for that since the world is constantly changing and people’s preferences alter as well. We will just mention simple facts about the top countries, which have recently been struggling from “over tourism” effect. Why struggling, you might ask? Because in the case when tourists outweigh locals, the situation might become critical since the cost of living and the quality of life might become an issue for them.

Croatia is an absolute leader who has been experiencing “over tourism” since 2016. According to the Australian travel company Intrepid, in 2016 Croatia welcomed 57,587,000 tourists. Comparing to the population of Croatia, which is 4,170,000 people, it’s a lot and basically, it’s nearly 14 tourists to every local. No wonder it became so popular - a beautiful Adriatic coastline, very impressive natural beauty, and we must mention the pilgrimage site for Game of Thrones fans.

Iceland is a second country on the index. With the population of 334,250 people, it attracts more than 1,891,000 visitors. That’s nearly 6 tourists to every local.

Greece is on the third place in this rating. Spain, Italy and Mexico are closing the top-6 list.

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