Tightened rules for U.S. temporary visas

usa visa

Donald Trump administration came up with the new rules for American visas. From now on all the newcomers have to follow their plans, mentioned in their initial interview with a consular official, for at least three months after entering the USA. If during the first three months an international visitor/student/worker does something that was not mentioned during the interview, it would be considered as misrepresentation.

Breaking the rules will make it difficult or even impossible to renew a visa or get a new one. If the visitor is still in the USA, he/she will be eligible for deportation. However, there are 38 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and most of Europe), which citizens don’t need a visa or an explicit plan before coming to the USA. Therefore, the new rule doesn’t generally apply to them. Last year more than 10 mln American visas were issued, supporting a large tourism industry.

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