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Russian passport holders are meeting new requirements for Finnish visa

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To apply for a Finnish travel visa, Russian tourists will soon have to provide proof of income. This new visa requirement for visa to Finland will be put in force on September,1st this year. According to this new rule, Russian passport holders will be required not only to provide a letter from the work place, but also proof of real estate ownership in Russia or bank statements from the previous three months, and the itineraries for the upcoming travel.

Meanwhile, Russia is working on updating its visa system for foreign tourists. More information about Russian e-visa implementation you can read in one of our previous articles. If you are planning to go to Russia before the year of 2021, most likely you need a travel visa to Russia – feel free to check if that is so.

If you are thinking to travel to Finland, make sure you are meeting the requirements for Finnish visa. Not sure if you need a visa, check here.

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