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The most popular cruise voyages for a wintertime

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When winter is coming, most of us start thinking of summer or, at least, planning the winter vacation to warmer countries. The Globe is full of options, and tourists are free to choose if they want a land vacation or a cruise vacation. It’s hard to compare those two options because each of us has our own preferences and limits. However, we can emphasize the major advantages of cruising, which include a lower cost of the vacation, a chance to unpack just once while exploring multiple places, and an opportunity to admire the landscapes of our beautiful world from another angle. A cruise vacation is a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

Onboard activities usually include live entertainment, casinos, nightclubs, duty-free shopping, fitness facilities and much more. For chill lovers, there are spas, beauty salons, pools, libraries, lounges and specialty restaurants with cruise cuisine.

During a wintertime, the most popular cruise destinations are Brazil, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Keep in mind, that all those countries require an entry visa for Canadian citizens.

To apply for a Brazilian visa click here.

To apply for an Indian visa click here.

To apply for a Cambodian visa click here.

To apply for a Vietnamese visa click here.

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