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The best beaches to go to in December 2019

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

TOP-5 hot destinations to go to in December and enjoy the beaches with white sand and azure sea.

1 – Vietnam

It is a very beautiful place with picturesque views and exotic beaches. You can explore small islands and bays sailing a boat. It is a very safe country now, and yet you can’t get rid of a feeling that you are on an adventure. Best months to go to Vietnam: Nov-Feb.

2 – Thailand

White sand beaches, azure sea, and a cloudless blue sky are waiting for you in Thailand. Every island is very unique, and we recommend you to pick the one that would meet your expectations from the vacation. For example, Ko Lanta, an island district in Krabi Province, is famous for its calm and cozy little hotels on a beach. Best time to visit: Nov-Mar.

3 – China

There are lots of beautiful beaches in China to visit during the holidays. The most popular beaches around China would be at Sanya, Xiamen, Putuo Island, Beidaihe and Beihai. Feel free to watch our video guidance on how to apply for a visa to China from Vancouver.


4 – Sri-Lanka

Wonderful country for a hippie-style adventure: you can rent a bike and explore the entire island enjoying the unforgettable beaches and making stops at cozy designer hotels. Nature here is like from a movie scene: rice fields, tea plantations, and golden sand beaches. The best time frame: Dec-Mar.

5 – Maldives

The most ideal option for beach vacations. Whichever island you pick, they are all just perfect - a small piece of land with a hotel offering the best service. Also, Maldives is known for a wonderful diving experience. Best time for Maldives vacation: Dec-Apr.

If you need assistance with travel visas to any of those countries, Anyvisa is here to help! Send your request and enjoy your winter vacation – stress-free and marry!