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Specialized Tours: which one would you prefer?

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

When you are planning your next trip - either with your travel agent or by yourself - make sure you are aware of what type of tour you are looking for. Especially if you are travelling with somebody else - your vacation expectations should be the same or complement each other.

Type of tours you might be choosing from:

1 - R&R (Rest and Relaxation)

A sandy beach, good food, spas and perhaps nightly entertainment are typical for of the #relaxation tours. Popular destinations are Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Thailand.

2 - Scenic/Historical Sites

Mayan ruins in Mexico, history of Europe, the Holy Lands, and many more destinations with rich history and heritage attract tourists for active traveling. This type of tours includes lots of walking, and it is highly recommended to have a nice accommodation to be able to rest in comfort after a long day of sightseeing and exploring.


3 - Sports, Recreation and Adventure

This type of tour is for those who want an active vacation that might include tennis, skiing, biking, etc. If you are just a spectator going for FIFA, UEFA, or Olympics, the tickets might be included in this type of tours (up to your travel agent).

4 - Special Interest

This are highly specialized tours that attract people with common interest such as cooking, photography, or religious pilgrimages. The tours usually include activities that pursue these interests.

5 - Air/Sea or Air/Rail

This is another type of active traveling that includes change of transportation during the trip. For example, the tour uses air transportation one way and ship or rail one way, or an air flight to the point of embarkation, then a cruise, then air transportation back to the home city.

Before you buy a tour, check if you need a visa to the country of your destination.