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Russian e-visa for foreign visitors will become valid in 2021

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An electronic single-entry visa to Russia for foreigners will be introduced in 2021 according to the order, which has been signed by Vladimir Putin, Russian President.

The current situation of Russian e-visas is more local - the service is available only for the Far East region of Russia. Citizens of 18 countries can apply for their Russian e-visas online. Starting from July 1, 2019, Russian e-visa holders will be able to visit the Kaliningrad region as well.

All-Russia electronic visas will become valid from January 1, 2021. Unlike the e-visas issued for visiting the Far East and the Kaliningrad region, the all-Russia e-visa will cost up to $50.

The character of the Russian e-visa will be:

  • short-term (up to 16 days)
  • single entry
  • universal (tourism, business, and humanitarian purposes).

The list of countries whose citizens will be eligible for Russian e-visas has not been published yet, but there is a chance that Japan, China, South Korea, EU countries and non-EU Schengen states, and possibly New Zealand, will be included on the list.

However, it is not currently planned to include the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US on the list. We will be happy to assist Canadian, US and UK passport holders in obtaining their visas to Russia, as well as all the other nationalities who are not eligible for Russian e-visa.

Please, be careful, e-visa is still a visa! Any misleading or inaccurate information would ban you from entry. That's why we encourage travelers of visa-free countries to apply through reliable services like Anyvisa to get things right.

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