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Why Immigration Assessment is so important?

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Immigration Blog.

Pre-Assessment is our unique B2C approach to let people from all over the world check if they have any options for Canadian Immigration.

For many years of our practice, we have been providing Pre-Assessment for those who come to us for the first time. Why is it so important?

1 - It is the best way to understand the situation of the potential client and see the bigger picture.

2 - We can see multiple options: if you have good chances for Canadian Immigration, besides obvious ones, we can see and identify non-standard options that you probably haven't heard of.

3 - It's saving your time and money: Why? Because if there are no chances for you to immigrate to Canada, we will let you know without the paid consultation.

4 - If you do have multiple options for immigration, we will be able to devote the entire consultation to the strategy discussion and planning the steps (oppose to getting to know you from scratch).

We always want our clients to feel comfortable, safe and make the most of our paid consultations.

Our team of Canadian immigration experts can support you with visitor visa applications, study/work permits, Permanent Residence, Business Immigration, and Citizenship applications. For all inquiries, please contact us or request Pre-Assessment right away.