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The Government of Canada is aiming to attract more foreign students

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Within the next 5 years the Government of Canada will be working on attracting more international students according to the new $148-million education strategy.

Statistically, more than ½ of all the international students in Canada are Indian and Chinese. This fact has been a bit concerning for the federal government so it came up with a new strategy last week. The international education strategy is based on the $148-million plan to attract more foreign students to Canadian universities within the next 5 years. By “international” it means that the main focus will be targeting Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Morocco, France, Ukraine, and Turkey. Another goal of the Canadian government under this strategy will be attracting students to schools of smaller Canadian cities to benefit those regions of Canada that tend to receive fewer immigrants.

“We’re pleased with the countries [the government] has chosen,” said Paul Davidson, president of Universities Canada, the national lobby group that represents 96 universities across Canada. To see the list of schools welcoming international students, visit our educational institutions page. Also, there are multiple different study programs for students to get familiar with before they decide to get their education in Canada.

If you are having difficulties with the educational enrollment or still feeling indecisive regarding the educational institution in Canada or the study program, feel free to contact us and discuss your options during the initial consultation.

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