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Tech workers have more reasons to look for jobs in Canada

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Immigration Blog.

Since US immigration becomes more difficult, foreign tech workers are turning to Canada. The absence of growth in foreign tech job interest in the US is related to stricter immigration procedures — including those for high-skilled tech workers, H-1B visa holders.

Meanwhile, jobs in Canada are having a higher rate of such interest from foreign tech professionals, because the Canadian immigration system is not only very welcoming but it also provides a practically immediate transition to Permanent Residency.

For example, such program as The BC PNP Tech Pilot has been extended until June 2020. Since the demand for talent in B.C.’s tech sector is increasing very fast, the pilot extension took place in order “to provide B.C. tech employers with the continued ability to recruit and retain international talent.”

Foreign tech workers can definitely consider Canada an employment option since the Tech Pilot is providing a fast-tracked, permanent immigration pathway for them.

If you are a tech professional and would like to work in Canada, there is another option for you such as Global Talent stream. The details of that program we mentioned in our previous blog posts, but you can always find the information on our dedicated Global Talent Stream page.

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