QIIP Requirements for Immigration to Canada

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What an international investor needs to do to meet the minimum QIIP requirements for fast immigration.

“Citizenship by Investment” is a common practice in many countries, including Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal, and many others.

Business Immigration has been a subject of interest for years, and the Government of Canada and Quebec are running one of the longest and most successful immigration programs for investors in the World - The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, or QIIP.

This program is for investors who want to eliminate the stress of doing business in a new environment. In addition, among the QIIP requirements, there are no language or age restrictions. Here are the basic QIIP requirements that investors need to meet in order to qualify for this program:

1. CAD $2 million of net assets (all assets collectively) proven acquired legally.

2. CAD $1.2 million investment (refundable in 5 years). We can provide a loan.

3. Two years of business management/ownership during the last 5 years (immediately before filing). It might be proven by tax papers and corporate documentation.

Only 3 months left! Current QIIP program is opened until August 31st, 2019, which means that there is still enough time to prepare the necessary documentation and submit it. The procedure of the QIIP application you can find on the designated page.

If you are looking for passive investment, fast Permanent Residency in Canada, and you feel like you are meeting the main QIIP requirements above, feel free to contact us for the initial consultation.

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