Ottawa has increased annual immigration targets

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More and more immigration programs are being implemented in Canada in order to attract newcomers and immigrants. Ottawa has increased annual immigration targets, gradually moving up from 280,000 in 2016 to 350,000 by 2021.

In 2019 budget Ontario government announced that in scale of the OINP the province will create a new immigration stream for tech workers and a new immigration pilot initiative with the goal of attracting highly skilled immigrants to smaller communities around the province.

One of the upcoming directions would be the dedicated stream for tech workers. According to the 2019 budget, the government will create a “dedicated stream to help Ontario’s technology sector attract highly skilled employees.” However, so far there were no more details provided on this topic. Anyvisa will provide updates when they become available. So far what has been announced, this tech immigration stream would feed Ontario’s booming tech sector in Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo. In recent years those cities have been experiencing significant high-tech job growth.

The budget also says the government is aiming to implement an Immigration pilot for smaller communities. The goal is “to explore innovative approaches to bring highly skilled immigrants” to smaller communities around the province. The government said the pilot’s purpose will be to “spread the benefits of immigration to smaller communities.” Proposed pilot would encourage immigration to Northern Ontario.

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