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Official warning: Work Permit Delays

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According to the federal government of Canada, there are continuing delays for LMIA processing.

Employment and Social Development Canada, which handles Canadian work permits and LMIA requests, is currently experiencing a high number of LMIA applications which is leading to longer processing times for some streams of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

ESDC has published average processing times by each Temporary Foreign Worker Program category. Expected LMIA processing times vary:

  • For Global Talent Stream – 10 business days;
  • For Agricultural Stream – 30 business days;
  • For Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program – 15 business days;
  • For PR Stream – 40 business days;
  • For In-home Caregivers – 25 business days;
  • For High-wage Stream – 85 business days;
  • For Low-wage Stream – 120 business days.

It is also highly recommended applicants to ensure their applications are complete before submission. Also, it is crucial to respond promptly to official requests for any additional information.

If you are still thinking of applying for any of the mentioned streams and/or unsure about the process, proceed with our legal consultation.

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