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In Canada Business Visa is your primary choice to start your enterprise as a non-resident

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Visa options for business people in Canada

If you ever dreamt about running your own business in Canada, business visa might be the right path for you.

Temporary visa for foreigners

It is a Temporary Visa that allows business-people to come to Canada to build a brand new business or operate an existing one. This type of visa is valid for an extended period of time depending on the country of your nationality. The Candidate is allowed to work in Canada: business visa results in the proper Work Permit issuance.

Business Visa vs. Startup Visa

Many people confuse Business Visa and Startup Visa. You can see the difference between these two in our FAQ section. Both programs are worth to consider if you are an entrepreneur and willing to relocate to Canada. You can see Business visa requirements in general qualifications of Owner-Operator on our Canadian Business Visa page.

If you are still indecisive which business program to choose, we highly recommend ordering an in-depth business consultation with us.

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