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Immigration to Canada: Business visa

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Today, at Anyvisa, approximately 50% of our clientele are business immigrants. They are fairly divided into entrepreneurs, unique self-employed professionals with occupations in Art, Culture and Athletics, or successful businesspeople (owners of large and small businesses).

Business Visa is one of the options to come to Canada to incorporate your venture and start actual business activity very fast. Unlike similar programs in other countries, the criteria for Canadian Business Visa are more preferential. The program itself is quite complex because it encompasses both (private and corporate) aspects of the procedure, and it determines its complexity, cost, and diversity. In general, for Business Visa program, it is important to have business experience and specialized knowledge in the area required for each type of venture.

Since there are many illusions related to opening a business in Canada, temporary Business Visa and Business immigration to Canada in general, we conduct a large number of preliminary consultations explaining requirements, objectives, and ways to achieve the goals. Having a good team, solid workload, realistic promises, and reasonable guarantees, and all at affordable cost, we analyze the situation thoroughly and give the candidates a detailed plan for achieving their goals within real terms. As a result, we help multiple candidates to choose the way that works the best uniquely for them.

Our clients, who want to apply for a Business Visa and start a business in Canada, coming to Canada within just 2-3 months after we start the process. Even though it is still not a PR (permanent residence), at this stage they make one of the first practical steps - they get permission to work in Canada with the right to bring their families (spouses can work, school-age children can study for free). On average, the long-term goal to apply and get a Permanent Residence may take from 1 to 2 years.

The volume of investments, type of industry, country of origin, proposed place of residence, links to Canada – all that play an important role in determining the optimal path for candidates. However, the very first step to figuring out the best path for Canadian immigration is the proper in-depth consultation with an immigration expert. If you are willing to start your own business in Canada, a Business visa is one of the best options for entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Send your inquiry on your designated page or contact us.

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