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How to apply for Global Talent Stream

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Immigration Blog.

On May 20th, 2019, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his Government is supporting the Global Talent Stream through attracting tech professionals to Canada.

During the interview, he said that Canada “needs to stay open” to bring international talents, and the creation of the Global Talent Stream was a good help for Canadian employers since under this program foreign workers in specific occupations may obtain work permits within two weeks, just as little as that!

“This is a good place to set down roots, this is a good place to build a company, this is a good place to build a future,” - he said, - “We’ve got socio-economic, fiscal, banking and legal stability that is world class, and we’re a country that does so in two languages.”

The process of an application under the Global Talent Stream starts with finding a Canadian employer who is willing to hire a foreign worker. Then, in order to apply for two-week processing, a worker needs to submit the complete application from outside of Canada. The full process of how to apply for Global Talent Stream you may see on the designated page.

If you want to get more details and see if you have chances to apply under the GTS, don’t hesitate to send us your request. We will be happy to provide you with our Free Assessment.