Canada announced a new program: Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

agri food immigration

Starting in 2020, temporary foreign workers occupied in the Agri-food sector in Canada will have a new pathway to Canadian PR.

The three-year Agri-Food Immigration Pilot will allow retaining foreign workers with eligible job offers in Canada’s agricultural industry.

Currently, the Temporary Foreign Worker program for seasonal agricultural workers allows only limited-term work permits. There is no pathway to permanent residency.

Under the new pilot with its three-year duration, it is planned to accept 2,750 principal applicants per year.

The Government of Canada aims to help temporary foreign workers to become permanent residents of Canada, and The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is supporting this strategy.

More details on how candidates can apply for the pilot will be available in early 2020. If you are interested in Canadian Immigration but don’t know what your options are, we will be happy to help you with that. Send your request through our Free Assessment form, and we will assess your chances fast and accurate.

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