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5 factors for a successful Startup Visa application

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Immigration Blog.

To get your Startup Visa application on point and go through the process smoothly, here are 5 things you need to know before making the first step to your dream.

Business Immigration to Canada is getting more and more popular. Startup Visa is one of Business Immigration options, if you are an entrepreneur with this super innovative idea and a big desire to start your business in Canada.

Here are the main points of the program that candidates need to consider even before they make their first steps towards their immigration process if they select Startup Visa as their path.

1 – Financial Requirements

Unlike other business/investment programs, the Startup Visa stream doesn't have a "proof of funds" requirement beyond what is normally required from skilled workers, etc. – settlement funds. The candidate’s family composition will make a difference. Get familiar with the financial requirements for the Startup Visa on our dedicated page.

2 – Language Test

All the team members must pass the IELTS General (CLB=5). This is a mandatory requirement, so if the candidate is not sure about the language level, we highly recommend devoting some time to IELTS test preparation and taking the exam before taking any significant steps for the Startup Visa application.

3 – Medical Requirements

All team members and their dependents on file (family members) must acknowledge and confirm that there are no known medical issues. As it is also a mandatory requirement for the Startup Visa application, we need to make sure that the candidate doesn’t have any medical inadmissibility.

4 – Unique Idea

The success of the Startup Visa program solely depends on an innovative and original idea. Even if it might seem a silly or crazy idea, we need to hear it out and assess the chances for a successful project.

5 – Team Formation

The maximum number of team members who can be involved in the Startup business is 5. It is also important to present who is an essential team member and who is non-essential. It will impact the immigration process in the future.

For more details of the Startup Visa, visit our dedicated page, and don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions. If you feel like your Startup idea or project is a good fit for this program, send your request for our assessment, or order our legal business consultation right away.