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How to get a Russian Visa in Vancouver

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Many Vancouverites are facing a problem of applying for a Russian visa. Many are still looking for a Russian Consulate in Vancouver, but that’s not what you should start from.

First of all, you need to know the dates and the purpose of your trip to Russia. Based on that, you need to have your Letter of Invitation in order. That would be a good start for getting your package of documents ready for applying for a Russian visa. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of exit from Russia. It also has to have a minimum of 2 blank visa-designated pages. Based on the type of your visa (tourist/private/work/business/study/humanitarian), additional documents will be required.

Our visa specialists will guide you through the list of documents you will need for your type of visa. You can either order a quick consultation, if you are applying for a Russian visa by yourself, or order a full visa service – our bi-lingual team will be happy to make your visa process easy, fast and stress-free.

Processing time of Russian Visa

There are two types of processing the Russian visa application: regular and expedited. It usually takes 21 business days on average for the regular visa process and about 4 (four) business days for the expedited process. However, there is an exception for citizens of the USA. Any type of visa an American citizen wants to apply for will take 15 business days. For more information regarding the timing and other questions about Russian visa application, visit our FAQ page.

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