Foreign spectators registration

Foreign spectators registration with the police in the period of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Football fans from all over the world are excited about the upcoming summer. Russian cities, where the biggest football event will take place, are getting ready for hosting the 2018 FIFA matches and millions of foreign spectators! Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saint Petersburg, Saransk, Sochi will remain packed in the period from the 25th of May to the 25th of July 2018. In order to provide a comfortable and secure stay of the spectators at the 2018 FWC stadiums and in the Russian Federation territory, Russian government implemented specific regulations for visitors.

If you are traveling to Russia for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, please, keep in mind the following information! As 2018 FWC spectators you may enter the Russian Federation from 4th of June to the 15th of July, 2018; and exit the Russian Federation from 4th of June to the 25th of July, 2018. That's not all!

On the border

You must present:

  • identity documents
  • FAN ID (paper form or electronic form)
  • Russian Visa (IF YOU DON'T HAVE a valid FAN ID)

You must receive:

  • a migration card* (which you retain during the whole period of the stay in the Russian Federation)

In Russia

In each city, where you attend sports events, you must register with the police during 24hours after the arrival at the place of stay.**


  • Those who stay LESS than 24 hours at the new place and are NOT staying at the hotel
  • Those who live and travel on the Russian Federation territory exclusively in the buses campers, private transport, little vessels, etc.
  • Those who are taking part in the sports events (the representatives of FIFA and FIFA subsidiaries, confederations and national football associations, included in the FIFA lists)
The procedure of the migration legislation:
  1. In order to fill in a notification of arrival to the place of stay, you demonstrate to the hosting party an identity document and a migration card + the detachable section of the previous notification of arrival to the place of stay in the Russian Federation.
  2. The hosting party fills in the notification on arrival to the place of stay.
  3. The hosting party provides the notification + copy of your identity document + copy of your migration card to the migration control authority.
  4. The migration control authority puts the mark on the arrival immediately after the submission and returns the detachable part of the notification to the hosting party.
  5. The hosting party hands the detachable part of the notification to you, and you are all set to go!
Hosting parties are:
  • The citizens of the Russian Federation, with whom you stay (live).
  • The foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently living on the Russian Federation territory (possessing the residence permit), with whom you stay (live).
  • The legal persons, the subsidiaries or representative offices where you stay (live).
  • A hotel administration, where you stay (live).

The extended document with the details of these regulations you may see on the official website of the Russian Embassy in Canada.

If you haven't applied for a Russian Visa yet, you can still do that here!

*In case of damage or loss of a migration card, a foreign citizen shall apply to the migration division of the police at the place of stay for the migration card duplicate issue.

** The foreign citizens, who have not registered with the police, are not subjected to the penalty for the migration rules breaking, despite the cases when the spectators bear responsibility for the registration with the police at the place of stay.

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