Foreign tourists in Russia: 3 ways to get from point A to point B

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Trip to Russia is always exciting, especially if you are going to the big city such as Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about 4 crucial things you need to know after you get a Russian visa. Basically, there is some useful information about registration in Russia and emergencies. However, let's talk about fun stuff. One of the first big city issues you are going to face is transportation. Here is a list of ways how to get from point A to point B with some specifications:

1. The fastest way: Metro (Subway). It is not only a fast way to get to the place you need, but is also an impressive sight in and off itself. You can find unforgettable artwork dating to the epoch of socialist realism inside some stations. For tourists who do not speak Russian it might seem very difficult to use Metro, but don’t worry - it is not. You can follow this link to find an updated English web version of Metro Map for Moscow. You can also download the Yandex Metro app. It allows you to look at maps and calculate different routes; plus, the app is free and can be used without an Internet connection.

2. The most affordable way: Bus. It is the traditional and the most commonly used public transport among the Russian people. For example, in Moscow, the price for one trip is about 1$ CAD, and it is even less in other cities. Besides, you can find free Wi-Fi in all public transport including buses. Therefore, bus trips might be very convenient for tourists in Russia.

3. The most comfortable way: Taxi. The most popular Taxi in Russia is Yandex Taxi. You can find it in most big Russian cities. It is affordable and really easy to order using The Yandex.Taxi app. The application supports non-Russian phone numbers as well (starting with a + followed by the international country code). The phone number is needed for receiving the confirmation code to start using the app and you can do that outside Russia as well. So, you can install the application before traveling to Russia. In most cases, drivers don’t speak English, so the app will overcome the language barrier.

However, here is our complimentary advice for those tourists in Russia, who are visiting big cities. Plan your trip in advance and book your accommodation close to the places you are willing to visit. Sometimes walking will save you so much time oppose to be stuck in traffic for hours, especially in Moscow. Oh, since we mentioned planning the trip in advance, at this point we can't ignore the very first step - Russian visa application. Here we can help from A to Z, just contact us if you have any questions about Russian Visa requirements, the processing time or booking an appointment with one of our visa specialist.

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