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long flight tips

Best travel tips to make a long flight bearable

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

Long distance traveling is in trend now – more and more travelers tend to explore the world overseas, which makes their flights longer and more challenging.

So we gathered all our experience to make the list of the best travel hacks you can keep in mind when you go for a long flight.

Give your preference to morning flights

Give yourself a chance not to make your long flight even longer. All the delays throughout the day tend to build up by the evening, so it is highly advised to travel in the morning.

Get to the airport early...

...unless you checked-in online 24 hours prior to your flight. But if you didn’t, being late to the airport will be not only stressful, but also you may get the least comfortable seat. In this case your long flight will be just unbearable.

Don’t forget a portable charger

In most cases long flights are pretty entertaining with movies, etc. However, if you are using your own gadgets, you better be prepared. It is actually even recommended to bring your own entertainment in case if your plane cannot offer you any.

Stay hydrated

Long flights are not a good impact on our bodies. Water is the best option oppose to tea or coffee. Other than that, bring your own reusable water bottle, which you can refill at the airport.

Make sure you won’t get turned around on the border

That will definitely make your long flight the worst experience of your life! Check the visa situation for your destination country! ETA, visas on arrival, or even powerful passports in their pockets can make some travelers too self-confident that they are all set for the landing. We do encourage all travelers to check if they need a travel visa to reach their desired destination.