Belarus extends the visa-free entry

visa to belarus

According to the official reports of the press service of the President of Belarus Visa-free stay is extended to up to 30 days. The list of the countries, whose citizens may enter Belarus without a visa, has been updated. Argentina, Hong Kong, Honduras, Macau, and the Military Order of Malta have been removed from the former list.

If you are eligible to visit Belarus without obtaining a visa, you still need to meet the following requirements:

  • To have a valid passport (or another ID for travelling abroad)
  • Sufficient funds (at least two base amounts for each day of stay, which is approximately $26 per day)
  • Medical insurance of €10 000

Please note that citizens of Samoa, Namibia, Lebanon, India, Gambia, Haiti, and Vietnam must meet additional requirements:

  • To have a valid EU or Schengen multi-visa with a confirmation mark of the entry to their territory
  • To have plane tickets with the departure date (within 30 calendar days after the entry date)

If you know that you need a Belarussian visa, please click here to apply.

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