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Americans can’t apply for Turkish visas

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Complicated relationships between the USA and Turkey led to new visa regulations. The USA recently suspended travel visa services for Turkish citizens that caused an identical decision from Turkey. So, the current situation for both countries is equal in terms of traveling. American tourists can’t get a travel visa to Turkey, no matter if they are applying in person or online. That means they can’t get e-Visa as well.

However, those U.S. citizens who already have Turkish visas can still visit the country.

In case, if an American has his trip booked, but hasn’t applied for a Turkish visa, we would recommend contacting the travel provider asap; because there is a chance the trip should be rescheduled or canceled.

It is unclear when the situation is going to be resolved as these visa regulations seem to be a small part of a large diplomatic issue between two countries. Hopefully, the visa suspensions won’t last long and American and Turkish tourists will be free to travel with a pleasure.

If you are not an American passport holder, feel free to apply for a Turkish visa now.

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