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African tourism growth

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

There are few reasons for the poor performance across the African continent, one of them is lack of originality among service providers. Another reason is visa policy. According to the forum, that took place at iNkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre in Durban, tough visa regulations affect the South Africa Tourism slowing down the tourist flow and, therefore, country income.

Morongoe Ramphele, a South Africa Tourism sector support service director general, expressed her concern on that point and called on African governments to apply visa laws that are beneficial to the continent of Africa. “Tough Visa regulations are a hindrance to growth, African countries need to open their boundaries for proper domestic tourism growth to be realized,” Ramphele said.

In order to ensure the tourism growth across the continent, nine African Tourism Ministers attended the forum. Hopefully, with the greater regional cooperation, by 2030 global tourist arrivals will reach 134 million, as predicted. This long-term planning is supposed to lead to the growth and sustainability of the African tourism market, and people will be excited to travel for many hours to come and experience the exotic adventure.

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