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5 wildest trending destinations in 2018

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Panama: a country of adventures and exotic animals will give you unforgettable memories in your travel diary. Spider monkeys and spoonbills hiding in the Darién jungle, hiking and surfing…but it doesn’t really matter what you are going to do in there, the most interesting part starts when something unpredictable comes up and you will learn more about things outside your comfort zone. Panama is excellent for experiencing the precious connection between you, nature, and other people.

Antarctica: the perfect place to experience the feeling of being completely disconnected from everyday life while being so connected to nature and your surroundings. After nearly a decade, the powerhouse icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov will once again attempt to power through the polar ice to Snow Hill and its emperor penguins on four 2018 journeys from Quark Expeditions. The passengers of the 110-passenger Kapitan Khlebnikov will enjoy the 14-day expeditions along with the elite group of scientists and researchers, who are going to educate them about this iconic wildlife event.

Canadian Arctic: a snowy home for polar bears.

The current situation with the ice melting is dramatically challenging for polar bears to survive. Those travelers, who have a chance to travel to Canadian Arctic and witness the beauty of snow-white vastnesses and polar bears, usually fall in love with them vicariously, and as a result, become another voice and another vote to save them for the long term.

The Kimberley: a northern region in Australia. This place is all about otherworldly landscapes, a pioneering history, and deeply rooted Aboriginal culture. A helicopter ride to Mitchell Plateau is the must-do for those who are looking for breathtaking views of magnificent waterfalls and visiting with coastal Aboriginal communities.

Bhutan: this country is for lovers of a calm and peaceful environment. The time stretches here with the meditative sound of temple bells. Visitors are always surprised with the picturesque landscapes and Bhutanese culture. The Ogyen Choling Museum offers insight into life in the kingdom a century ago. Visitors can climb rickety ladders and examine old artifacts.

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