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5 Essential Consular Services You Can Still Get Assistance with while Consulates are Closed

Written by Anyvisa Services on . Posted in Travel Blog.

Document Legalization has been a sought after Consular Service for our customers during these uncertain times. Here is a list of Top-5 services AnyVisa still offers even though foreign consulates in Canada are closed due to COVID-19.

Some of these services are widely popular among Canadian Residents, but most of them would be applicable only for Russian citizens living in Vancouver.

1 – Legalization

Consular legalization is the confirmation of the compliance of documents with the legislation of the State of their origin, wherever the Apostille is not available. Documents issued and valid in one country may be used in another only after their legalization according to the established consular protocol.

For example, if you have a Power of Attorney and want to use it in any other country, you will need to notarize it first, and then go through the legalization process. The full list of documents available for legalization.

2 – Russian Foreign Travel Passport Renewal

We prepare the application packages for Russian foreign travel passport renewals for all citizens of the Russian Federation who are permanently living or temporarily staying in Canada. This includes individuals holding student and work permits.

Please note that you need to meet the Consul of the Russian Federation in person in order to apply for your passport as your passport photos are taken during your appointment. You can book the appointment with the Russian Consul either in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or during the Consular visit in Vancouver. See the requirements and fees for Travel Passport renewal.

3 – Confirmation of Russian Citizenship

The confirmation of Russian citizenship is required if you are going to apply for a new Russian travel passport, and both your Russian passports (internal and travel) are lost or expired. This consular service may also include Verification of Russian Citizenship for minors under 14 years of age, born outside of Russia, whose both (or only) parents are citizens of the Russian Federation, or Obtaining Russian Citizenship for minors under 18 years of age, when one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation. See the requirements and fees for a Russian Citizenship confirmation.

4 – Police Clearance

We can assist you in obtaining a Police Clearance certificate from Russia. The processing period normally takes up to one month from the date of the application submission. Foreign nationals who lived in the Russian Federation should specify the exact periods of residence in Russia.

5 – Pension for Russian Citizens living abroad

We assist with the process of application and setting up a pension for Russian citizens who moved to Canada. The process itself is quite complicated because it involves confirmation of eligibility and requires other supporting documents, for example, the Power of Attorney that needs to be notarized. After that, there are a few more steps, like SNILS (СНИЛС) verification, needed for the completion of the process, which we fully take care of. Learn more about pensions for Russian citizens residing in Canada (на русском).

Package requirements and Service quotes

This list of Consular Services available through AnyVisa is not exhaustive. Check out our Consular Assistance page for more information (provided in English and Russian).