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4 things that make Montreal architecture absolutely unique

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Traveling to Montreal is like visiting Europe without leaving Canada. One of the most distinguishing features is the visual image of Montreal. The architecture itself will take your breath away more than once, we promise!


1 – Mix of New and Oldmontreal quebec

Visually, Montreal definitely differs from other North American big cities. It wouldn’t be just enough to say that there is a great mix of an old and new architecture. “Old” in this case is an actual heritage from the European culture sitting there for centuries.

There is a nice area called “Old Montreal”, where you can walk through narrow streets, see horse carriages on the roads and authentic restaurants and stores on both sides. For sure it attracts tourists, so if you are traveling during the summer season, be ready to find this area very crowded.

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2 – Fairy Tales Flashback

If you want to feel the atmosphere of an old French village, you would probably want to go to the Upper Westmount, per se “rich neighborhood” in Montreal. What makes it rich is the location – the higher your house is on the mountain, the more expensive it will be.

Along with that, you can see authentic houses fully made of stone, or those cute ones with brown wooden planks on white walls – like we used to see in old French fairy tales. 

what to do in montreal3 – Churches

Lots of churches! There are so many of them that the government decided to turn some into living houses.

So, if you see a beautiful church with a cross on the top, there is a chance that somebody is staring at you from one of its windows sipping their coffee on a comfortable couch in their unique accommodation.

4 – Restorationmontreal guide

Due to the big quantity of heritage buildings, they need to be taken care of regularly. That’s why, if you are traveling to Montreal during the warm months of the year, there is a big chance that the historical objects will come along with construction cranes on your travel pictures.

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