4 reasons to buy a medical insurance for your trip

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At first, purchasing a medical insurance plan for a trip may sound like an annoying extra expense. However, if ever you actually need to use a travel insurance plan, your appreciation for pre-purchased medical insurance will grow instantly. Below we suggest four reasons to buy a medical insurance for each and every trip you ever plan.

1. Places, where the climate is different, are particularly exciting to explore. However, your body will likely need to adjust to a different type of weather/climate, which is why it may be more prone to catch an infection. Not even to mention a possibility of a natural disaster – a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake. Medical travel insurance provides certainty that any unexpected expenses related to that would be covered.

2. If the purpose of your trip includes any climbing, hiking, skiing or other sports activities, the government of your country of destination wants to ensure they will not be obligated to spend a penny on your treatment if anything happens. Some countries (Russia, Switzerland, Germany) even reserve a right to not admit a traveler without a pre-purchased medical insurance if they plan to do any sports.


3. If your money gets stolen, your medical expenses will still be covered. It is not a secret that pickpocketing is still frequent in such countries as Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Holland, Vietnam, Greece. Tourists are usually well instructed on how to avoid pickpocketers, but let’s admit – it is very easy to get destructed as you explore a new country. Plus, bad guys are trained well. If you lose your cash or credit cards, it will be much harder to restore compared to your medical insurance, for which you only need access to your email (most travel insurance providers send policies by email).

4. Simple peace of mind. Emergencies happen. Should one occur to you, having to deal with it is overwhelming enough? Not having to worry about the financial part of it already feels good.

Therefore, if you are traveling at any time soon, consider getting a medical insurance before your trip.

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