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4 crucial things you need to know after you get a Russian Visa

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After the complicated process of getting a Russian Visa is behind and you are finally holding your passport with the colorful sticker in it, just keep in mind that your to-do list is not over yet. Here are 4 important things that you should know before you go to Russia:

1) You must complete registration within the first 5 business days of your arrival at the first city in Russia. You must complete registration in each city of your destination where you are staying for more than 5 business days.

2) Russia is a relatively safe place, but as a tourist in Russia, you still should be aware of what to do in emergency situations. In case of an Emergency, you should call 112 (It’s an equivalent to 911) regardless of the city or region you are in.

3) If you got lost, don’t panic. First of all, we strongly recommend keeping in mind the address of the place you are staying or just write it down on your phone or on a piece of paper. You can always get a taxi in Yandex.Taxi app. Besides, it is better to have a map with you.

4) If you lost your passport with Russian Visa:

• First of all, you need to go to the local Police station and tell them about your problem. They will give you a special paper, so-called “Spravka”. It is very important to get this document; otherwise, you won’t be able to have your new Russian visa issued.

• After that, you need to contact your Embassy representative immediately for further instructions.

Our visa specialists will be happy to help you with your Russian Visa Application, to make sure you meet all the Russian Visa requirements and to guide you through the entire process to make it smooth and stress-free.

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